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We're Truly Grateful

Since our son enrolled at Cornerstone Preschool, he's had the wonderful opportunity to explore the Bible in an engaging and fun way. He really enjoys the dynamic classroom activities and has made numerous friendships along the way. As parents, we're truly grateful for the outstanding communication and appreciate the warmth and compassion shown by the dedicated staff members. We’re so happy God led us to Cornerstone!

- Perry and Christa Costales


Danielle and David Catchpole

We feel at ease knowing our daughter is at a school where God is at the center of everything they do and where she can learn about His love for us. The staff is so amazing and kind, and we are so grateful for them for taking time to pour into her and teach her about God.

Cornerstone Preschool has truly been an answer to prayer for our family! We moved to North Carolina in the summer from out of state and we didn’t have a plan for a preschool for our 4 year old. A neighbor recommended Cornerstone and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll. Our son loves going to school and the teachers have created a wonderful learning environment for the students. The staff has [gone] above and beyond to help our child thrive and enjoy his last year of preschool. He is excited to learn and is fully prepared for kindergarten, thanks to Cornerstone Preschool.

- Kara Schulte

Cornerstone preschool has been the biggest blessing in mine and my children’s lives. As a mother, raising children in a dangerous world, I am confident that my children’s safety is top priority along with teaching every child biblical truth. It is evident that Mrs. Teresa hand picks each individual employee as they are all Christ-followers who care for my children as though they are Jesus’ children. Cornerstone school has exceptional communication with parents and the dedication Mrs. Teresa offers to each child has created a nurturing environment that every pre-school child deserves.

- Gabby Gallo

We have been working with Mrs. Teresa & her facility since my oldest was 1yo, he is now about to be 4yo. During year 2 my husband made a huge career change that left us having to unroll & go to a traditional daycare for 5 months. Teresa, and honestly the entire facility, prayed fervently over the career change & our transition to a daycare. During these 5 months, I saw an immediate change in my son. I pulled him out of daycare as we were able to adjust our schedules so now both my children could attend preschool back with Mrs. Teresa & day 1, my sweet, Jesus-loving, eager-to-learn child was back!! It truly makes a difference the environment you put your children into. Cornerstone is exactly where my children need to be. They feel safe + loved while being in an educational environment & also learning about Jesus & His love for others. During my pregnancy with my second child, my daughter, countless staff checked in on me & loved on my family, they made crafts with my son for the arrival of his baby sister & also hand crafted a quilted blanket that the whole facility prayed over for my daughter. We couldn’t ask for a better preschool for my children to grow up in. It’s more than a preschool, it’s a ministry & family.

- Kayla Johnson

Stephanie Corder

I first met Teresa at Epworth United Methodist Church when I enrolled my oldest daughter, Addy, in "The Flock” preschool program. I loved the preschool program and at the time I was a stay-at-home mom and was praying for a part time job. One morning as I was dropping my oldest daughter off at Epworth, I felt the Lord nudge me and prompt me to ask if they were hiring. Sure enough, they were looking for a preschool teacher and I would later find out that moments before I asked if they were hiring, Teresa was praying to the Lord for Him to provide someone to fill that position at the preschool. This is just one example of how Teresa takes every single decision in prayer to the Lord, no matter how big or how small. She truly is a woman of God and an excellent leader!

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