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Mandy Williams

2-Year-Old Class

Mandy Williams is a Lead Teacher in the 2-year-old classroom. Here is what Mrs. Mandy has to say. . . . .

"I am so excited to be on staff at Cornerstone Preschool! While this is my first experience as a preschool teacher, it is not my first time working with this age group. Growing up I often helped in church nurseries and as I grew older, helped in various children’s activities from Sunday school to VBS to children’s choir and so much more. Most recently I’ve had the honor of caring for babies through 4 years old in homeschool co-op nurseries. In every setting, it has been amazing to watch how much each child grows both physically and spiritually throughout our time together.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. Through the blessing of adoption we are parents to two precious boys. At ages 5 and 3, they definitely keep us on our toes! They may not be as excited as I am, but it’s such a blessing to be able to work where they are learning each day.

Watching preschoolers learn by getting messy and exploring the environment around them is one of my favorite things! Dirt, sticks, mud, water and a creative imagination make for some of the best teachers. Parents, get ready for your little ones to earn their baths!"
Mandy Williams
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